Oct 11, 2009

My first Blog...EVER!

Well - not exactly sure what thoughts will be put into this new venture..but I am sure it will be fun, at least I plan to have fun doing it! I have always loved English in high school...used to be on pen and paper...but this typing thing sure speeds things up! So I plan to jot down ideas - especially about my business FUNKY FLEECE (visit www.funkyfleece.com if you are curious!) as I hope to connect with other business owners (especially other women) and other Moms...as I am one, and my business caters especially to Moms who want something unique, fun, funky and cool (and easy to care for...machine wash & dry, doesn't get any easier than that!!) for their kids, their friends kids, their neices/nephew/grandkids, sisters/brothers...and especially THEMSELVES!

So please feel free to post on my blog...I would love to connect...especially since this is all new to me! I look forward to updating this as often as I can...when I have a few minutes away from the sewing machine, and the family! My time! Yay!!

So - here I will try my hand at posting a few pictures to get started...of course it has to be dedicated to my business (online shopping available on my website!) Please let me know if you have any feedback, or questions, or comments, or ideas to get me going on this Blog thing! Have a great day! CHEERS!

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